Old…? New…?


Living in a material world

Can nibble at your soul

You buy and have, and own

Yet you never feel whole.


Surrounded by my new, shiny things

I still feel like old me

With my ragged edges

And unfinished parts, you can see.


A bite mark on my thigh

Left by pointless lust

A scar around my ankle

Made by some guilt long-lost.


A few scratches on my knees

To show I fell

And a broken dream or two

By whom, I cannot tell.


Some burns across my back

And the sting of betrayal

So I’m almost never reminded

That friendship can be frail.


A purple bruise around my neck

Which was supposed to keep me silent

A lesson not learned

No matter how violent.


And scars between my breasts

Made by my heart, when shattered

And the shards cut to the surface

But still my pain didn’t matter.


And my entire world is shiny

But I’m not made anew

So I’ve felt, fought and lost

And somehow pushed through.


I am stronger for it

With some wounds now healed

And the desire for shiny, new things

From my soul, pain has peeled.





Samoila Oana Andreea



Sarut de ianuarie


M-a trezit un sarut in mijloc de ianuarie

Intre rotocoale de abur si spirale de fum

Mi-am dezlipit genele incurcate cu fulgi de zapada

Si m-am regasit in aici si acum.


M-am trezit din somnul complacerii

Din amorteala nepasarii si din rutini

Si sangele dorintei de a face

Curge din nou, salbatic si plin.


E dulce dimineata dupa somnul greu

Netulburat de vise,de lume neatins

In care inima ranita se reface

Si Eul palpaie molatec si aproape stins.


E agonie si extaz trezirea

Caci e lumina, zgomot si al emotiilor tumult

Si pentru o clipa vrei sa inchizi iar ochii

Caci e prea tare!! Prea repede!! Prea mult!!!


Dar somnul nu mai vine

Caci zorii au gonit noaptea si este dimineata

Si esti din nou intreg si gata

Sa te afunzi pana la brau in viata.


Ce zei, ce incurcat destin

Si ce capricioasa mana a sortii

Decid cand sa-nfloreasca sentimente

Si cand acestea sunt menite mortii?


Cum poate un moment rupt de timpuri verbale

Neinchipuit de scurt si simplu

Sa mature balastul trecutului

Si sfidator sa recreeze timpul?


Si a inflorit speranta in deplina iarna

Intre rotocoale de aburi si spirale de fum

Un zambet am avut de impartit, proaspat si fragil

Si-n el m-am regasit… Aici si acum.




Samoila Oana Andreea

Summer memories in the first snow


I’ve lost you in the first snow of the year

You melted away like flakes on the ground

The wild wind scattered our memories

Like it does flakes, round and round…


Your hold on my heart was shattered

By the grip of the bitter cold

And your voice in my head was finally muffled

By the white noise which in winter is mould.


You came along in the soft arms of spring

You filled my heart in summer’s heat

By autumn you started to fade

And your fading the snow made complete.


Our whispers were swept by a gentle breeze

The kisses we shared melted in the sun

Our tears were warm summer rains

Our stories were by clear moonlight spun…


The iron wheel of the year

Implacably changed our season

We were only meant for the heat

For some, yet unknown, reason.


So I’ve lost you in the first snow of the year

And you’ve always refused to be found…

Since everything we were belongs to the summer

You melted away like flakes on the ground…



Samoila Oana Andreea





Hell, purgatory or worse?


Hell is not made of devils

Or fire and brimstone

It is made by a picket fence

And a mortgage loan…


It is not burning forever

Tormented by your guilt

It is spending eternity

In the cage you have built-


-That is glass all the way

To give you the illusion

You are free to get  out

And you embrace that delusion-


Because your soul slowly dies

As you become your corporate clone…

Forgetting who  you are

And all you’ve ever known.


Hell cannot compare

To your 2 by 2 desk

And, than the death of your heart,

No image can be more grotesque.


You’ve built your picket fence

On the grave of your dreams

And your self-inflicted slavery

Can’t be topped by the cruelest regimes.


Your cage is made of air

But in your mind is steel

The shackles you wear

Only for you are real.


You sold your soul

By signing that dotted line

And with a big, empty smile

Your corner of hell they’ve assigned…


“Welcome to your future!”

“Now you’re a part of society!”

“We promise a lifetime of work

With unchanged variety!”


And day by day you die

But stop putting up a fight

Because this is what you’re supposed to do

It is a maturity rite…


And before you know it

You’re just one of them

With a vacant gaze and an empty smile

To a life long sentence condemned…


I would rather burn

In some biblical hell

Than live my live

As an empty shell.


I would rather have my soul

At the mercy of the devil

And just the fact I still have one

Will be my source of revel…




Samoila Oana Andreea




It’s fall again


Fall has fallen upon us

We will tremble in its embrace

The warm memories of summer

Slowly but surely it will erase.


The night grows long and dark

The air becomes chill

And all the hectic commotion

Now becomes still.


Even trees will shiver

As their leaves turn gold

With every passing day

The year is growing old.


You can smell the rain

That will wash away

The heat and the dust

Of an old summer day.


But fall has its beauty

Hidden in the mists

In the dying flowers

And its windy twists…




Samoila Oana Andreea

Prince Charming


Every woman dreams of a prince

In the darkest corner of her mind

A prince that will love only her

Prince Smart or Prince Kind.


Some crave another

Maybe Prince Hot…

Few will settle for anyone

Prince or not.


Some will give anything

Chasing the popular Prince Rich

But be wary of him

Or for a younger princess he’ll ditch.


I care for none of them

And just wait for the one

Who’ll be Prince Trustworthy

Regardless of his charm.


As for Prince Charming

He is what a girl dreams

Cinderella can keep him

No matter how perfect he seems.


I’ll choose a prince that is real

Who’ll give me no hassle

Who loves, laughs and feels

Even without a castle.



Samoila Oana Andreea

The heart of the mountain


I’ve touched the bare heart of the mountain

And stood on its highest peak

And twirled in its crown of clouds

Until I’ve felt sick.


A beauty so perfect,

That it hurts the eyes

Nature, all high and mighty

The humbled human cries…


So high upon the earth

That land was not solid

Unmoved by the changing of landscapes

The mountain stood, proud and stolid.


Its heart deep and cool

A cave that incites fear

The gripping hand of the dark

Terror or safety for what you hold dear.


Its crown the purest white

With a glow that hurts

But even the most unfaithful of hearts

In its beauty converts.


That’s why not long ago

The Gods lived above

On the highest of peaks

There’s no hate, fear or love.


Only beauty and nature

And a feel of forever

Immortal, immutable and

Everything you’ll endeavor.


When the world seems tiny

And you larger than life

You can afford to be kind

When so small seems the strife.


And the mountain bares you

It cares not of your thought

It never felt small

It was always a God…


You will cease to be

So long before it…

Even his roots will eventually wear

Its crown will split…


But you will never see

A God knelt by time

Worn into oblivion

But unmatched in its prime!


And our arrogance tore

A rode in the heart of the mountain

For all humans to feel

That spark of divine something…



Samoila Oana Andreea


Arsita si furtuna


Siroiaie de apa

Se preling din cerul instelat

Sa inece pamantul

Sa-l spele de pacat…


Si sa stinga focul

Arsita cumplita

Ce-a atacat orasul

Complet dezlantuita.


Sa stinga setea lumii

Udand gaturi uscate

Sa potoleasca febra

Mintii neimpacate.


Cerul vuieste si,

Stropi curg intruna

Pamantul se raceste

Si se ascunde luna…


In norii de furtuna.

Caci tot ce mai este

E apa care curge,

Primordiala poveste…


Potopul ce distruge

Vechi greseli si frici

Si ceva nou se naste

Chiar acum, aici.


Caci ploaia reda viata

Orasului bantuit

De arsita ciudata si grea

Ce l-a toropit.


Frunzele negre de sete

Verde invie din stropi

Si bulevardele arse de soare

Au strans ploaia in gropi.


Arsita si furtuna

S-au anulat reciproc

Lupta veche, de secole

Si al naturii,  joc.


Caci totul are si un sfarsit

Ce azi traieste, moare

Ce azi doare, trece

S inainte de ploaie, e soare.




Samoila Oana Andreea

From the life of a rose


Poor, little rose

Your leaves are gold

Your thorns are torn

Before your time, you grew old…


You’ve bet your future

On a single flower

On your tomorrow

You have no real power.


You live and you bloom

And try year after year

To spread your seeds and grow

Without a single tear.


You strive towards survival

Everything else pales…

Existence in itself is your goal

With all it entails.


With water and sun

You feed your growth

You know nothing else

Except your life’s oath…


To live and to spread

To populate the earth

With your sweet perfume

And the promise of rebirth.


With all the colors of love

And the shades of lust…

To survive, you’ve always

Learned to adjust.


So your roots, your thorns

Are just the means

To protect your flower

And pass on your genes.


And you bloom again

When your season comes

And a single, red flower

Your life it becomes.


Because your only flower

Means you are alive

And year after year

Your line will survive…



Samoila Oana Andreea

Falling stars


This is the night of falling stars

A time when sky’s alit…

When wild arcs of light

With the earth will meet.


A time to gaze above

A perfect time to ponder

How many people saw

This magical, natural wonder.


What did the ancient man

Thought when he saw

A sky of falling light

That defied his law?


Was he scared and believed

It was the Gods horrific rage?

A great battle in Olympus

Which will birth a new age?


Did he name it destiny?

Did he take it as a sign?

That this night is full of power

Or you’re close to the divine?


Did he lay down on his back

Watching stars madly descend?

And his wish, upon their flight

Thru time and space, on them, he has sent?


Linked we all are

Encased in the celestial sphere

And our link bonds us thru time

We all love, we all hurt, we all fear…


And the cosmic lights

Burning as they fall

Connect us thru ephemerality

Uniting us all.


Nothing lasts forever

Not even the sky

How frail life can be!

When even stars can die…


But we shan’t be sad

And weep their demise

Because tomorrow night

Bright, new stars will arise.


We’ll celebrate their light

And wish upon their birth

To link us thru time

To the future man on this earth.




Samoila Oana Andreea